Sydney Sleep Centre is committed to helping patients getting assessed and treated quickly.

If you are a medical practitioner that requires a booking for your patient or you are a patient with a valid referral from a GP or Specialist, you can complete the online form below and our staff will make a booking. Bookings can be made for Sleep and Respiratory Specialist Consultations and/or for tests (sleep studies and lung function tests).

Please note that there are strict medicare rules regarding directly referred home sleep study testing that require screening questionaires from the patient and GP before this test can be approved and booked. If this information is not supplied by the GP with the GP referral, medicare will not provide a rebate for the home sleep study test.

If you are a patient without a referral and wish to use our services (Physician consult, CPAP, mouth splint, Psychologist, Dietitian, Home sleep study etc), please obtain a referral from your GP or Contact the Centre


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