Sleep Apnoea is close to home for Sleep Centres of Australia

When studying Medicine we are always taught to treat every patient as if they were a family member. My father is not only a family member, but I also oversee his CPAP therapy and purchased him a new machine recently. When I get up and come into work everyday, I think of all the lives and all of the families that I help through getting them a good night's sleep. Recently, when staying at my parent's house, I noticed that there was a stillness about the house which when my dad was snoring was impossible to obtain. My mother now notices that my dad can stay up late and watch a full movie or TV program, whereas prior to him being treated he fell fast asleep. He no longer bares the nickname "noddy"! My dad is one of those people who did not notice any immediate symptoms. He says that he doesn't feel that much difference, despite his incredible compliance. I am of the school of thought that he just hasn't noticed - as he uses his device religiously and therefore is being treated. So if you have Sleep Apnoea, like my father; I can help you. Yours sincerely, Eamon - Clinical Sleep Scientist at Sleep Centres of Australia.

More Sleep - Less Fat

In a society obsessed with body weight, there is new research on the relationship between sleep and body fat that you may find interesting!

Researchers from Brigham Young University in Utah studied over 300 women aged between 17 and 26 years of age over several weeks.They monitored the women's sleep and physical activity, as well as their levels of body fat. The findings were published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

The researchers found the following:

  • Sleeping less than 6.5-8.5 hours each night was associated with higher body fat
  • Having a consistent sleep and wake time (especially wake time) is related to less body fat
  • The quality of sleep affects body composition

The take home message is that lack of sleep can affect your body weight and composition. At Sleep Centres of Australia, we consistently see sleep results showing poor sleep quality and a condition known as Sleep Apnoea. Not a good combination for those watching their weight!

Don’t dry out the cake! Dry mouth & Humidification

You might be thinking, don't dry out the Cake? What does this have to do with my Sleep Apnoea? The answer is humidification. The reason that cakes are moist is the same reason that you don't get a dry mouth in the morning. When baking a cake, it produces humidification in the air that keeps the cake moist. If you open the oven and let the air escape, so does the humidification.

So if we now apply this principle to CPAP, when you have a large leak or if your humidification settings are not quite right, you won't dry out a cake, but you will dry out your mouth.

It is important if you are suffering from a dry mouth that you try to adjust the humidification or check for a leak in the system. Remember, the settings of humidification are for your comfort and to help you comply with CPAP Therapy, so don't be afraid to adjust the dials until it is just right for you!

Any questions on humidification, please ring us at Sleep Centres of Australia on 9252 6144

Don't Sleep and Drive ...... A Plane!

While the media have made us all too aware of "microsleeps" while driving a car or a truck, stop for a moment to consider the story of a pilot who fell asleep whilst navigating a plane! A pilot of a small Cessna airplane fell asleep behind the controls after putting his plane into autopilot and listening to country music. The pilot failed to respond to calls from air traffic controllers in Brisbane and Sydney, and woke to find himself in Sydney airspace without being able to remember anything after receiving clearance to enter Williamtown airspace.

Although flights were diverted, and the air traffic controllers had concerns about the intentions of the pilot, it was lucky that nobody was injured.The pilot was instructed to undergo medical testing - particularly for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - a condition that can cause daytime sleepiness.

Fatigue can affect all of us in a variety of situations. If you suffer from daytime sleepiness or fatigue and find yourself nodding off during work or other activities, then contact Sleep Centres of Australia on 9252 6144.

Anti-Hypertensive medication and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

With the ever growing number of Australians wtih Hypertension, it is now clear there is a link between high blood pressure and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. One of the known causes of Hypertension has now been identified to be Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Multiple research studies have been conducted on the relationship between Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Hypertension and Cardiovascular conditions in patients. Often patients are put on anti-hypertensive medication without treating an underlying sleep condition. But it might not be necessary to be on anti-hypertensive medication if your sleep apnea is being treated appropriately.

It is definitely worth having a test to see if you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea - even if you don't snore!

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Make CPAP a part of your Sleep Routine

We all know what we love to do before going to bed; whether it is reading a book, surfing the net or chatting to our bed partner.There is always something that we must do to prepare our minds and bodies for sleep.Habits that help you have a good night's sleep are known as your sleep hygiene.CPAP not only allows you to get a better night's sleep, it also has the capability of improving your sleep hygiene, so it has 2 features for the price of one.Let me explain.Because you must wear CPAP every night, even when you want to NAP you should also wear your CPAP.Therefore, putting on the mask and machine every time you go to sleep and the associated pressure sensation, sends a signal to your body that it is time for slumber.However, this does take a while and some very important training with CPAP is required to get to this point. If you persevere, you will be able to put your CPAP mask on and off within a matter of seconds.The ease and efficiency will make this small routine seem more like brushing your teeth rather than a chore. If you require any advice for your CPAP machine and mask, then please call our Sleep Centre on 9252 6144 and make CPAP a part of your Sleep Routine.